Who we are...

What is the Church of Christ?

The church of Christ is the church you read about in the New Testament, built by Jesus Himself. (Matthew 16:18) It was established on the Day of Pentecost and God adds the saved to it. (Acts 2:47) It is not a denomination with man-made creed books or doctrines determined by conferences or councils. We use the Bible, which is the inspired word of God, as our final authority on all matters. That word is the seed (Luke 8:11) and wherever it is sown it produces Christians only and the only Christians.  

There are followers of that word in St. Catharines, Ontario and the word is being taught here. Come to a worship service or Bible study and learn about God's will for our lives. Or contact us to set up a personal Bible Study.

(Note: We are not affiliated with the International Churches of Christ, the Church of Jesus Christ (Latter Day Saints), or the United Church of Christ.

Current classes offered


Sunday 9:30 am "Ephesians" - Warren Gray

     Sunday 9:30 am "That You May Believe" -- A Study of the Gospel of John

Sharon Osborne

Wednesday 7:00 pm "I Thessalonians" - Jeremiah Cisco

Ladies' Bible Class

Various Topics - Various Speakers

2:00 pm 4th Monday of each month